Some thoughts on the state of sonification

While the definition is still in flux here is what wikipedia has to say about “Sonification, a form of auditory display, is the use of non-speech audio to convey information or perceptualize data. Auditory perception has high temporal and pressure resolution, which opens up possibilities for it as an alternative or complement to visualization techniques.” However, while  Sonification is intuitively an amazing and powerful concept. The promise of a new way of perceiving data has gone unrealized. There is the basic notion that the representation of data to help in the extraction of information does not only need to be represented as a visual graph, but there is the opportunity to make tangible audio graphs as well. However, the reality of actualizing this seemingly simple concept is not nearly as simple as one might assume. Hopefully this site will provide some insight into our ongoing research to try and move this field forward towards more universal use.

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